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CRBT Shuffle

CRBT Shuffle Pack is a product that enables Airtel customers to set a specific ringtone of their choice in order to replace the normal mobile operator ringtone.

Callers will then hear the hello tune while waiting for the phone to be answered.

All Airtel Subscribers are eligible; both prepaid and postpaid are eligible.

To Subscribe, simply buy any tune of your choice by dialing *455#.

You can also browse for tunes, deactivate tunes and request for help.

The customer shall receive a drop-down menu of the Tune genres from which they can pick from.

The customer can access all the tunes that are available on the Hello Tunes database which comprises of R&B, Local tunes, Int’l Tunes, Gospel and Top 10 happening songs.

Shuffle Pack FAQs

What is the Hello Tunes user defined shuffle Pack?

Hello Tunes User defined shuffle pack is a new pack that allows subscribers to activate the pack and Get 5 Tunes at no extra Cost to play a different tune each time you are called.

How do I activate the Pack

The pack is activated by Dialing *455*100# and you will have the option 1 for activation. Activation confirmation SMS will be sent. You will now have to access any of the Hello Tunes Channels to get the 5 tunes.  

What Channels can I Get Tunes Through

You can get the Tunes on any of the Channels below

  • USSD dial *455#
  • IVR call 4500
  • SMS - search song; SMS song title to 45005 and instructions will be sent
  • Name Tune - SMS NAME <Name you want to search> send to 45005
  • When You receive any of our promotional Calls from 4338 and select a song

How much will the shuffle pack Cost me?

To activate the shuffle pack will only cost you K4.291 per Month

After activating the shuffle pack how much will it cost to purchase a Hello Tune?

The first 5 songs after activating the shuffle pack will cost you absolutely NOTHING. So for every Tune you get you will not be charged until you have downloaded the 5 Tunes.

How do I deactivate from the shuffle pack

You can deactivate from shuffle pack by dialing *455*100# and select option 2 for deactivation or you can send UNSUB to 4500

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Terms and Conditions

  1. User can subscribe through USSD Direct String, SMS, IVR (whitelisting) and OBD.
  2. Monthly Price – K3 for 5 songs
  3. If Existing user has 2 tones already activated. They would be treated as default and normal billing cycle would be followed. They would not be added in Shuffle pack.
  4. Song limit is 5. Extra song would be treated as default and charging would be applicable.
  5. If user opts only 3 songs instead of 5 in shuffle. 3 songs shall be played in shuffle and he should be intimated to activate remaining 2 songs
  6. After the free songs activated additional songs will be charged and renewed at default price and separate cycles should be maintained for special packs and normal/default songs.
  7. User should be able to deactivate from the entire special song pack using normal deactivations method

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