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So Che Buy For Other

What are So Che Packs?

This is a product that allows pre-paid customers to buy value packs which include SMS, voice minutes and data bundles that suits their usage needs at very affordable prices. The customer can buy either the Airtel Packs; All-networks Packs which contain daily, weekly and monthly pack, the So Che Night Data Pack Or they can buy the packs for another number.

How does it work?

A customer dials the USSD codes *140# on which they will have an option of selecting either the All-networks, Airtel minutes Packs which have daily, weekly or monthly packs, So Che Night Data Pack or Buy for other. Note: So Che packs are not auto-renewed

What is So Che Buy for other?

So Che Buy for Other is an option that enables customers to purchase any type of So Che pack for their family and friends at any given time.

How do I Buy a Pack for Other?

To buy So Che for other, simply dial *140# and select option 4, enter the number of the person you would like to purchase a pack for and proceed to pick the pack you would like to buy.

What happens if the recipient already has a So Che Pack?

The benefits will accumulate and the longest validity takes precedence.

What is 75% bonus minutes on So Che?

This is a promotion running on So Che which gives customers 75% bonus minutes on every So Che Pack purchased whether one selects the Airtel Packs or All networks Packs.

Is the 75% bonus minutes promotion open to all?

Yes. The promotion is open to all Airtel Prepaid Customers except for:

  1. Post-Paid Customers
  2. Payphones

If both Airtel and All networks Packs are purchased does one get the 75% bonus on each of them?

Yes. The bonus applies to each So Che Pack purchased i.e. if the customer purchases 5 So Che Packs they get the 75% bonus minutes on each one of the So Che Packs.

Does the bonus apply for SMS and Data?

No. The 75% bonus does not apply for SMS and Data.

Does the bonus have a different validity?

No. The bonus minutes take the same validity as the purchased pack e.g. if a customer bought a weekly pack the bonus minutes will equally valid for a week.

How does the Night Data Pack Store Pack Work?

A customer dials *140# and selects option 3 for the SoChe Data Night Store Pack which gives 800MB to use between 00:00hrs and 05:00hrs at only K5.

What happens if I do not deplete my data allocation by 5am?

If Soche Night Data volume is not depleted by 5AM, a customer will forfeit this remaining volume, hence will not be able to use it even if the volume shows on balance check.

Can I share the data via me2u when I buy a Soche night data bundle?

Soche Night Data cannot be shared via me2u, hence non-transferrable

Is there a limit on the number of times I can buy the data night pack?

There is no limit to the number of times one can buy the SoChe Night Data

What happens if I have a So Che Night Data Pack and a Night Store Pack?

The Night Store Pack will be used up first before the So Che Data Pack or any other data pack previously purchased.

How do I check balance of the Minutes, SMS and data that I have left for the day?

To check the balance of minutes, SMS & data, you need to dial the short code *140*14#

Can I use the minutes from both All Networks minutes Pack and All Airtel Minutes Pack to call on other networks?

No. Voice Airtel minutes allocated from All Airtel Minutes Packs can only be used to make on-net calls while the minutes allocated from All Networks packs can be used to make both on-net and off-net calls.

Are the voice minutes, SMS and data bundles transferable?

No. SMS, voice minutes and data bundles bought under these packs cannot be shared.

I am not a subscriber of Airtel Zambia. Can I buy the packs?

Unfortunately, No! But you can get an Airtel prepaid sim card and buy the So Che Pack by dialing *140#.

Can I use the minutes to make international calls?

No. International calls will be billed as per your normal tariff plan.

What are the benefits of this product?

  1. The packs are very affordable
  2. Customers have a chance to use the minutes on either on-net calls or both on-net and off-net calls depending on which packs they have purchased.
  3. Customers will enjoy multiple purchase of the So Che packs
  4. Daily packs do not expire at midnight but last for exactly 24hrs from the time of purchase

What is the validity of the So Che Packs?

  1. Daily pack: 24 hours
  2. Weekly pack: 7 days
  3. Monthly pack: 30 days
  4. So Che Data Night Pack: 00:01AM to 05:00AM

Can a customer buy multiple So Che Packs?

Yes, customers can purchase multiple packs before the current bundle depletes e.g. a customer can purchase a daily pack and still purchase either a daily, weekly and monthly packs

Can a customer purchase both All-Airtel minutes pack and All-networks packs at the same time?

Yes, customers can purchase multiple So Che packs at the same time e.g. a customer with a valid All-Airtel minutes pack can still purchase an All-networks packs

Can I use the SMSs from both the Airtel Minutes Pack and All network minutes pack to send to off-net numbers?

No. Airtel Minutes Pack’s SMSs can only be used to send messages to on-net numbers. While All Networks Minutes SMSs can be used to send messages to both on-net and off-net numbers.

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