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Live the 4G Experience

Sometimes life pulls us in a million directions and takes us away from the people we care most about. When this happens, because of distance or time differences, it is easy to miss those important events in someone's life that we care dearly about. Watching your son score the winning goal while you're away on business or talking to your significant other while on the other side of the country is now a possibility with Airtel 4G.

We are giving our an opportunity to Live the 4G Experience. No more missing those life-changing moments. You will be there to see everything, all through the lens of your 4G enabled device.

You can stream and download 4K (Ultra HD) videos, make video calls, access emails from just about anywhere, connect to high-speed Internet, download music, participate in video blogs, do your internet banking, and much more. Just about anything you can do on an Internet-connected computer, you can now do on-the-go from your mobile device.

Best of all, it won't cost you the earth. You can subscribe to a tailor-made #Chaopena Data Bundle and save significantly over regular data download costs.

What you can do with Airtel 4G

  • Connect to family and friends - Face-to-face video calling - in real time! Stay in touch in real-time via your instant messenger or social networks, directly from your phone.
  • Connect to the internet with superfast page loading times.
  • Download and upload large files at blazing fast speeds.
  • Get your entertainment on the go - Real time streaming of music and HD videos.
  • Send and receive emails with large attachments.
  • Download and play interactive HD games.
  • Enjoy reduced data bundle rates with our Chaopena Data Bundles.
  • With your web conferencing software, set up interactive meetings with people in different locations using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Talk, listen and share presentations from anywhere.

How to enjoy Airtel 4G

You can enjoy 4G in 3 easy steps;

  • Ensure you have a 4G enabled Device.
  • Visit the nearest Airtel service centre and Swap your sim for a 4G SIM Card. Alternatively, buy a Starter Pack or Blank SIM from an authorized Airtel agent and dial *537# for Self SIM SWAP.
  • And finally, to be activated on the 4G network, dial *575*2# then option 1 to activate your FREE 4G 1GB Offer. Or purchase any Chaopena Data Bundle.

So go on, Swap your SIM Card and Live the 4G Experience.