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Corporate Prepaid

Our Corporate Prepaid plan is the simple solution if you want to provide your employees with telephones.

Credit top-ups

Choose how much and how often to top up. With our credit top-up system, your employees receive a pre-determined credit on a set date. This saves your employees having to buy top-up cards to recharge their phones. Our Corporate Sales Executives take care of this business and they ensure the accounts are kept in check at all times. In cases where the employees want the actual top-up cards, the Corporate Executives will bring the cards to you; as opposed to your staff having to buy from Airtel or other authorized shops.



  1. Excellent coverage throughout Zambia.
  2. Check how much airtime you have left. Just dial 959.
  3. Too busy to answer the phone? Let people leave a message on your Voicemail service.
  4. No time to call? Keep in touch with low-cost SMS text messages.
  5. Got a problem? Contact our Customer Services.
  6. Email with your mobile. Send and receive e-mail on your phone as long as your phone is internet compatible.