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Contract plan

Our Contract Postpaid plan is ideal if you use your phone frequently.
You'll pay lower call rates than Prepaid customers, and you'll enjoy a wide range of advanced services.


Our business advisors

Our business advisors take the time to understand your business and they ensure that you make the most of Airtel's services. Our advisors can answer your technical and billing questions, so that you make the right choice.


Travelling abroad?

Continue to make your business calls when you travel outside Zambia with International Roaming. This allows you to use your Airtel phone to make calls from the country you are travelling in. Find out more about International roaming.


Advantages of the Contract Plan

  1. Fax and data. Use your mobile phone to send faxes, access data files by browsing the internet including sending and receiving e-mails. Simply purchase a handset that supports GSM and we can provide you with a Airtel fax and data number.
  2. Useful services such as Voicemail, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Caller-Number Display and more
  3. Excellent, country-wide coverage
  4. Got a problem? Contact our Customer Care