2. Airtel Money Cash Collection Solution

Increased efficiency in Cash Collection by using Airtel Money as a payment method to receive incoming payments.

  • Using Airtel Money Menu, customers may receive funds to designated mobile number(s) or business name(s) for various transactions, such as monthly, quarterly and other periodic payments entailing receipt of funds.
  • The recipient will receive the funds in their virtual Airtel Money account, which may then be credited to their respective Bank account
  • This feature is especially useful for Merchant outlets in receiving customer payments
Benefits of airtel Money Cash Collection
  • Increased proficiency in cash collection administration.
  • Increased efficiency in management of Debtor Portfolio due to quick turn about time in funds remittance and reduced manual processing of transactions.
  • Quick turnaround time for customers to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.
Other uses of Airtel Money:
  • Payment of Utility Bills (ZESCO, DSTV, LWSC, Nkana Water, GOTV)
  • Banking transactions.
  • Payments at different at merchant locations countrywide e.g. Debonairs, Steers, Milky lane, Woolworths etc.
  • Business to business payments (suppliers for goods supplied) to various value chain participants.