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Airtel Zone

Airtel zone is a tariff that offers varying discounts per cell to our customers in different locations throughout the country. These discounts are communicated directly to the customer’s phone showing them the different discounts. Tariffs and service attributes are calculated per cell (mast), per hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airtel Zone?

Airtel Zone is a dynamic discount solution that enables Airtel customers make calls at discounted rates throughout the day. Percentages are determined by the amount of traffic on a given site/location that the customer is latched onto and can go up to 100% discount. These percentages are communicated directly to the customer’s phone.

How do you activate Airtel Zone?

Dial *135#, select 1 (register) and enjoy discounts up to 100% on calls across all networks.

Is customer charged for registering on to this service?

No, the service is absolutely free of charge.

How do you know the percentage discount you are enjoying?

The percentage discount on calls is displayed as a cell broadcast on the top right corner of your smartphone. To enable this, activate your cell broadcast under phone settings.

To know the available DISCOUNT for all your calls across all networks at any hour, dial *135*0#

What are the different options for one to Register and enjoy Airtel zone tariff?

  • · A customer can register through USSD by dialing *135*1#
  • · SMS registration can be done by sending 1 to 135
  • · Activation is once-off and free of charge.
  • · Once you’ve changed to Airtel Zone, the discounts are available to you when you make calls 24 hours a day, everywhere you go in Uganda. You will have to activate the cell broadcast option to constantly see your discount displayed, alternatively you will receive a confirmation of the discount once you initiate a call.

How does the customer navigate through Airtel Zone USSD Menu?

Menu Option Message USSD Short Code
  Menu *135#
0 Discount Lookup *135*0#
1 Register *135*1#
2 Info *135*2#
3 Tariffs *135*3#
4 Service Info *135*4#
5 Help *135*5#
6 Notification *135*6#
7 Games *135*7#
8 My Info *135*8#
9 Deregister *135*9#

How Airtel zone Works?

  • · Cell Broadcast messages will show the current discount on the Mobile screen ie. Zone 100%, 40%
  • · Start of call notifications will confirm the discount applied to that call once customer initiates the call.
  • · Discounts per cell are based on network traffic and load .

How to configure Cell Broadcast?

For customer to view the different discount broadcasts on their phone, they must configure handset to receive Cell Broadcast messages.

Please perform the following two actions:

1. Activate the service.

The settings required for the service to work are available for most phones under different names: cell broadcast, cell broad, broadcast, cell info, cell info display, CB, Broadcast configuration, area Info etc.

2. Configure your communication channel 50

You will usually find the settings listed in your messages menu under one of these names: list, list settings, list index or channels. Most phone models require a channel name (the name you choose for it, for example, zone) and a channel number (50).

Below are the different modes of activating the cell broadcast


Menu --> Messages --> Broadcast Messages --> Receive mode --> Select ON

Menu --> Messages --> Broadcast Messages --> Channels --> Add --> 50 --> Save


Main Menu --> Settings --> Phone Settings --> Cell Info Display --> Select ON”

Main Menu --> Settings --> Display Settings --> Cell Info Display --> Select ON

Main Menu --> Settings --> Network --> Cell Info Display --> Select ON

Main Menu --> Settings --> Network --> Cell Info Display --> Select ON


Menu --> Messages --> Cell Broadcast --> On

Menu > Messages --> Cell Broadcast --> Channel list --> New 050


Menu --> Messages --> Options --> Settings --> Broadcast Messages --> Broadcast Launch --> On

Channel settings --> Options --> Add Channel --> Channel index = 50 --> OK

Sony Ericsson




Other common configuration

Main Menu -->Messages -->Message Setting ->Info Service -->Topics -->Add (50)

Main Menu -->Messages -->Message Setting -->Info Service -->Topics -->On

Is the service offered everywhere in the country?

  •  The service is available in every part of the country.

My friend is able to receive the Cell Broadcast on his phone but I am not. Why?

  • · Most likely you have not enabled cell broadcast on the handset or channel 50 is not subscribed.
  • · Your phone is not Supported on a 3G Cell / Handset
  • · There’s a possibility that customer is Outside of the Discounted area therefore not advertised.
  • · However, AirtelZone has a unique feature that can help subscribers determine the discount offering at any particular time of the day by dialing *135*0# . This feature is exclusive to AirtelZone.  Also note that Airtel to Airtel 3/- per second.

How much is customer charged on the Airtel zone tariff?

Customer will be charged 6/- on net and 7/- per sec off net

Airtel Zone Tarrifs
Call Rates All Day
Airtel to Airtel 6/- per second
Other Local Networks 7/- per second

All Rates are inclusive of tax

 We apply a standard Tariff of 7sh per second across all Networks. However, because of Airtelzone’s unbeatable discount offering, Airtel Zone subscribers are guaranteed to call for less than 3sh per second, 24hrs a day, 7days a week.

Is customer charged for deactivating Airtel zone tariff?

No. Deactivation from service is free of charge

If customer is having Voice and combo bundle can they activate Airtel zone?

They can activate but won't get discounts on these packs. Bundle wallets need to be used up first before discounts apply.

Can postpaid customer activate Airtel zone tariff?

No. Prepaid only.