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hello tunes

A service which entertains callers by a song playing in the background as the call goes through before the other party receives.

Activation procedure

  • · Tune copying: Calling any of the allocated phone numbers loaded with tunes & they long press the star (*9) button.
  • · IVR option: By dialing 157 and listening to the variety of the tunes & following the commands to get the desired tune.
  • · USSD Method: By dialing *157# Yes/Ok & selecting preferred option.

Charge per activation

  • · Service subscription 700/- for 30 days.
  • · Song download 700/- for 30days.
  • · Unlimited number of songs - 1600/- per month.
  • · Dialing 157 is free of charge.

Use the direct string procedures below to download one of these latest Tunes;

Song Artist Send SMS to Activate
Yo sweet Rema SMS 'Act 6258005' to 157
Sembera King Saha SMS 'Act 6203633' to 157
Farmer Ykee & Brenda SMS 'Act 5892256' to 157
Sente Bebe Cool SMS 'Act 4093695' to 157
Awunza Chosen Blood SMS 'Act 6124672' to 157
Jocker Ziza Bafana SMS 'Act 6259433' to 157
Owooma Geosteady ft Charly and Nina SMS 'Act 5999271' to 157
Leesu Moze Radio SMS 'Act 6188986' to 157
Wololo Pallaso SMS 'Act 6188989' to 157
Detergent Winnie Nwagi SMS 'Act 6215427' to 157
Kwasa David Lutalo SMS 'Act 6137109' to 157
Kano Kozze Winnie Nwagi  SMS 'Act 5911571' to 157
Malidadi Maureen Nantume SMS 'Act 6267485' to 157
The Way Sheebah SMS 'Act 5904147' to 157
Nananana Bebecool SMS 'Act 6257968' to 157
Katijjo Fille SMS 'Act 6224288' to 157
Nkuziniremu Big Eye SMS 'Act 5881805' to 157
Sibyamukisa Rema SMS 'Act 5396813' to 157
The Way Sheebah SMS 'Act 5904147' to 157
Kilungi Rema SMS 'Act 5592186' to 157

In case you were not able to find your song among those above, you can SMS the name of the song or the name of the artist you want to 157 and follow the options.

Airtel Hello Tunes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Airtel Hello tunes?

Airtel Hello tunes is a service that allows a customer’s callers to be entertained as they wait for the customer to pick the call.

How much does it cost?

Service Charge Validity
Service Subscription 700 30 Days
Song Download 700 30 Days
Unlimited number of songs 1600 30 Days
Call Charges for browsing on dialing 157. Free  

N.B. Please ensure you have sufficient balance before subscribing for the service, however if you have insufficient balance you will be charged 250/- per week, or 35/- per day.

How many songs can a customer download?

A customer can download any number of songs, up to a limit of 10 songs.

What happens if I download more than one song?

When a subscriber has more than one song, the songs shuffle one after another, when the subscriber receives more than one phone call from the same caller.

Can I chose one song for my listeners if I have many songs?

Yes you can, however that will require you to delete all the songs in your library and leave only the preferred tune. To achieve this, simply dial *157#, select 9 for library and follow prompts.

How can I search for my Favorite song?

To download a favorite song, you can use one of the procedures below;

1. Dial 157 and listen to the songs available and download a favorite song.
2. Dial *157# and Select “Search “for any song you want.
3. SMS the name of the song you want to 157 and follow the options.

What is Airtel Hello tunes Unlimited?

This is a service that allows you to download several tunes at no EXTRA cost for the whole month at just 1,600/-.

To Subscribe the Hello tunes unlimited pack, press *157*11# then Dial 157 to listen and download your favorite Tunes...

Remember the charge is 1,600shs only for a whole month for this service.

NB: Please ensure you have sufficient balance before subscribing for the service, however if you have insufficient balance, you will be charged 500/- per week, or 90/- per day.

This is an Auto renewal service.

How do I Deactivate/remove/delete a song? What is the transaction charge?

No. Removal of a tune is FREE of charge. To delete/ remove a song,

Press *157#, Select option 7.

Select the Tune to delete by Inserting the Number allocated to that Tune and Press “Send”

How do I know the number of Tunes active on my Number?

To know and manage the Tunes in your downloads/Library,

Press *157#, Select option 9.