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conference calling

Conference calling is not only ideal for businesspeople on the move, but also for catching up with a group of friends when out of town. This service lets you talk with five people simultaneously. In one conference call session six people can join in on the same conversation. It’s ideal for the mobile business person, or even as a party line.

Consult your handset instruction manual for details on how to enable each party to join the conference call.

How do I get it?

This service is available to all airtel subscribers, both prepaid and postpaid. No activation fees are required.

How does it work?

As a airtel subscriber you are able to initiate a conference call by joining two or more calls, up to a maximum of five calls, with you being the sixth party to the call. These may all be incoming calls, dialled numbers or any combination thereof. This service is handset dependent. Please consult your instruction manual for more details.

What does it cost?

There is no monthly subscription fee or call surcharge for using the service. You will be billed only for calls you’ve made and not for any incoming calls i.e. you will be charged for all the calls you set up as a conference call for the full duration of the call. Please note that you can include international numbers in your conference call group. Prevailing rates of your rate plan will be used for billing the conference call. e.g. if the number 075 2600000 set up a conference call with 075 2600110, 075 2600200 and 005733500000; the caller will be charged Ushs 288 (exclusive of taxes) per minute for each of the local calls and Ushs685 (exclusive of taxes) per minute for the Kenya call.

How to set up on a Sony Ericsson phone

To create a conference call, you must first have one ongoing call and one on hold.

To join the two calls into a conference call, press the joystick and select Join calls, yes.

To add a new participant:

  • Press Hold to put the conference call on hold
  • Call the next person you wish to include in the conference call
  • Press the joystick and select Join calls.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 to include more participants

To release a participant:

  • Press the joystick and select Release part.
  • Select the participant.

To end the conference call, press End call.

Having a private conversation
You can have a private conversation with one of the participant and put the other participants and put the other participants on hold. Press the joystick, then select Extract part to select the participant that you want to talk with. Select Join calls to resume the conference call.

How to set up on a Nokia phone

  • Make a call to the first participant. Key in the phone number or select it from the phone book and press Call.
  • To make a call to a new participant, press Options, and select New call.
  • When the new call has been answered, add it to the conference call by pressing Options and selecting Conference.
  • To add another new participant to the call, repeat steps 1 to 3.
  • To end the conference call, press End.

How to set up on a Motorola phone

  • Dial the first person’s number and put the first call on Hold.
  • Your phone displays a (flashing phone) indicator next to the call on hold.
  • Dial the next person’s number. Your phone displays an active call indicator next to the new active call.
  • Select Link to connect the two calls.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more calls to the conference call up to a maximum of 5 calls.
  • To end the conference call, press Cancel or close flip end the entire call.