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call waiting

Call waiting is a feature that lets you know when someone else is trying to call you (i.e. you have a call waiting) when you are already on a call. You can answer, reject or ignore this second call.

The service is free and can be activated only on the Airtel 90 rate plan.

How to handle a second call

When you are already on a call and someone else calls, you will hear the call waiting tone (a beep). You can do the following depending on the phone you are using:

End the first call and answer the second:

  • Press 1 then SEND (to end the current call)
  • You may now answer the second call


  • Press END (to end the current call)
  • You may now answer the second call

Put the first call on hold and answer the second:

  • Ask the first caller to hold the line
  • Press 2 then SEND
  • You may now speak to the second caller

To switch between the two calls

  • Press 2 then SEND

Reject the second call:

  • Press 0 then SEND (This sends a busy tone to the second call)

You can also ignore the second call by taking no action when you hear the call-waiting tone.