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Have you ever wondered how you can finish that call, send that urgent SMS or stay online even when you run out of airtime?

Well, Airtel has a solution for you called BEERAKO. No more dropped calls, unsent SMS or staying offline because of finished airtime. With Beerako, a customer can borrow airtime to make calls, send SMS and surf the internet then pay back at a later stage.

The airtime denominations that can be borrowed are as below:

UGX 200
UGX 500
UGX 1,000
UGX 2,000
UGX 5,000
UGX 10,000

The service charge for borrowing the airtime is 11% of the borrowed amount.

How to Access the service

  • · Dial *155# and select amount you wish to borrow
  • · To check your borrowed airtime balance dial *170#
  • · Offer is only applicable on prepaid





Welcome to Airtel Beerako. Please select






1 Get 10000



2 Get 5000



3 Get 2000



4 Get 1000



5 Get 500



6 Get 200

Your account will be credited with 200/- at UGX 22/-service charge.

Reply with:


1 to confirm

2 to go back


9. Language Change

 Reply with:


1 for English

2 for Luganda





What is the short code for accessing Beerako?

  • · The code is *155#

What voice airtime denominations can I borrow and what is the charge?

Below is the summary for the available airtime for borrowing and charges;
A service fee of 11% applies and the same is communicated to the Customer.

Airtime denomination (UGX.) Service fee (%) Service fee (UGX) Airtime to be recovered (UGX)
200 11% 22 222
500 11% 55 555
1,000 11% 110 1,110
2,000 11% 220 2,220
5,000 11% 550 5,550
10,000 11% 1,100 11,100

How do I check airtime balance that I have borrowed?

You can check the airtime balance by dialling *170#

Who will qualify for the airtime advance?

A prepaid customer who is fully registered and has spent a minimum of 800/- within one week..

Dial *197# to confirm that you are registered to proceed.

How do I repay my debt?

Airtime will be automatically deducted to clear your debt upon any recharge or account adjustment, alternatively you can initiate your debt repayment through *155# and select Repay debt

Can I borrow airtime multiple times?

No. You need to have cleared the previous debt in order to borrow another again

Can this offer be activated through SMS?

Yes it can. Simply SMS the denomination amount and send to 155.

For example SMS 500 to 155 to borrow UGX 500.

You will receive a message from Beerako saying “Your account has been credited with UGX 500/=. A service fee of 55/- will be charged. To check your BEERAKO Account bal dial *170#

How come I only see a few denominations when I dial *155#?

The more airtime you spend on the Airtel network, the higher the airtime denominations that you qualify for. The more you spend, the higher your qualified amount!