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Airtel Mobile TV

The Airtel Mobile tv app is an Airtel branded mobile tv portal that enables smartphone customers to stream online live tv as well as watch videos on demand.

Android users can simply download the App from playstore by searching Airtel Mobile TV or link http://bit.ly/1Mkai4B

Other smartphone users can simply have to visit the link: http://www.tv.ug.airtel.com/ to access the portal.


  1. Only Airtel smartphone subscribers can enjoy Airtel mobile tv
  2. There are various bouquets to subscribe to either daily @1,000 or monthly subscription @7,000
  3. Airtel moble tv also has Free to air channels where the customer doesn’t have to subscribe but should have a data bundle
  4. The service will be available for all Prepaid and Post-paid


Who can access the service?

You need to be a customer of Airtel, with a registered sim card.

You also need a data enabled phone/handset. Your mobile device should have internet access

You must at least be within a 3G/ EDGE/ GPRS data network area.

How do I subscribe to Airtel Mobile TV Service?

Select the "Subscribe" option from the menu and you will be prompted to verify your phone number.

Enter your number in the verification form and submit the form. An SMS with the verification code will be sent to that number and a subscription form will be displayed.

Fill in the form with valid data and click the Subscribe button.

On success, you will be billed and your subscription details will be displayed. Please take note of the password.

Click on the "Go to Bouquet" button and the system will redirect you to the bouquet you subscribed for. You now have access to all the channels in that bouquet. Enjoy!!


You only need to login once. You will only be required to login again when your subscription expires or if you login elsewhere/a different device.

The service is available to Airtel subscribers within Uganda only and is not accessible to subscribers on the mobile roaming service.

This service is provided free of data charges for as long as you are on the Airtel network.

You can subscribe for more than one bouquet and you'll have access to all channels therein.

What should I expect after subscribing for the service?

To be able to choose from any of our channels

You will be able to view all channels in the bouquet(s) that you subscribe for.

You will be able to experience Mobile TV

You will be able to un-subscribe from the service by not renewing your subscription.

How do I know whether I am in a 2G, 3G or WiFi network coverage area?

Depending on the nature of your handset/device, there is always a small icon at the right hand corner of your device indicating whether you are within a 2G, 3G or WiFi wireless network coverage area.

NOTE: Useful Tips to keep in mind

In order to have a great experience with the service, it is advisable that JavaScript is enabled in your device browsers (both mobile and desktop users) and that adobe flash player is installed and enabled on the computer (for the desktop viewers). The flash player plugin can be obtained here.