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how to put internet setting on a phone

Below is a guide for your internet settings on your SmartPhone.

As there are a few different versions of Android in the market, we have come up with the basic steps required to get you up and running with the internet. Once you have inserted the Airtel SIM into your device (usually under the battery or back cover) simply follow these steps below.

Step 1:

First you need to find your APN settings, now for each Android device; there are different ways to access this:


· Tap Menu or Applications

· Tap Settings

· Tap Wireless and Networks

· Tap Mobile Networks

· Tap Access Point names



· Tap Menu

· Tap Settings

· Tap Mobile Network (Under Wireless & Networks)

· Tap Access Point Names

SAMSUNG or other manufacturer

· Tap Apps

· Tap Settings

· Tap More Settings

· Tap Mobile Networks

· Tick Mobile Data

· Tap Access Point names

Step 2:

Enter these details in your APN settings

· Press Menu

· Tap New APN

· Tap Name and enter "internet" and tap Ok – Not Mandatory

· Tap APN and enter "internet" or APN name that is subscribed to and tap Ok ( other commercial APN's include web.waridtel.co.ug,blackberry.net,web.ug.zain.com)

· Ensure Proxy is not set

· Ensure Port is not set

· Ensure Username is not set

· Ensure Password is not set

· Ensure Server is not set

· Ensure MMSC is not set

· Ensure MMS Proxy is not set

· Ensure MMS Port is not set

· Ensure MCC is 641

· Ensure MNC is 01

· Authentication Type: Not Set

· Tap APN Type: (can also be: default)

· APN protocol (should be greyed out or not displayed): IPv4

· Enable/Disable APN (should be greyed out or not displayed): Box ticked

· Bearer (if displayed): Unspecified

· Press the menu button

· Tap SAVE, then press the back button

· Tap internet (if using an HTC device skip next step)

· Press the home button (if using a Samsung or other manufacturer’s device then you have finished)

· Tap back key

· Turn on Mobile Networks by tapping on the right hand side of the screen (off to on)

· To check your volume dial *175*4#.

· Dial *175# to subscribe to a new plan or dial *143# for Data credit and pay later, to top up directly with an airtime scratch card, dial *175*3*PIN#

· You can now check your connectivity by trying to browse the internet.

· If problem still exists, Call Customer Care help line on 100