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1. What is TUGABANE?

Tugabane also known as Multi-surf is an exciting service that allows you to share your internet data with your friends, family, peers and other devices.

The number activating the Tugabane is sponsor account while the numbers being activated are the dependents.

2. What is so unique and special about TUGABANE?

This is service is the 1st of its kind in Uganda, since it allows simultaneously usage and consumption of one Data Bundle from more than one data SIM card on a Mobile 3G / GSM Network.

Even if you are in any part of Uganda and your dependents are spread across Uganda, they will still use your Tugabane account. This is more powerful and has a bigger coverage reach than WIFI.

Even if the sponsor's device is switched off, the dependents can still browse and surf.

3. What are the benefits of TUGABANE?

  • · You can now share data with your friends, buddies, loved ones and family.
  • · You can now connect multiple data devices, smartphones, routers, tablets to one single data bundle.
  • · You can conveniently manage your data budget if you are a multiple SIM or device owner.
  • · You no longer have to subscribe your different Airtel Lines to different data bundles.
  • · Wider reach than WiFi since service can work across geographical distance of Uganda.

4. How do I activate TUGABANE?

Please follow the steps below to activate Tugabane:

  • · Dial *175#
  • · Choose Option 5: Data share
  • · Select option 1: Tugabane
  • · Select option 1: To activate
  • · Select option 2: To deactivate
  • · Select option 3: To check status
  • · Please enter number

5. How many numbers can I activate onto my TUGABANE account?

You can activate up to a total of 4 dependent numbers onto your account to share the data. Therefore the maximum number of users on a single Tugabane multi-surf account is 5.

6. What is the charge for using the TUGABANE account?

The service is free of charge.

7. What other functions can I use on TUGABANE?

In addition to adding new users, I can do the following

  • · Remove a number from my Tugabane account
  • · Check what numbers are currently activated on my account
  • · A dependent can check who their sponsor account number is?
  • · A dependent can remove their number from a sharing account.

8. Is there a limit to how much data each of the users in a TUGABANE account can use?

There is no limit to how much or data or MBs any of the users can consume. The entire account is only limited by the data limit of the bundle that has been subscribed by the sponsor account.

9. Is this service a promotion?

The service is a permanent Value Added Service for Airtel Mobile internet subscribers.

10. Does the service apply for both Prepaid and Postpaid?

The service applies for Prepaid to Prepaid, Postpaid to Postpaid but does not apply to Prepaid to Postpaid or vice versa.

11. What other terms and conditions apply for the service?

  • · All the users in the Tugabane account share the same expiry date of the bundle that is on the sponsors account.
  • · You cannot have more than one Tugabane account on the same sponsor number
  • · A dependent cannot create its own Tugabane account with other users. In order to do this, the dependent has to be deactivated from its existing account 1st.
  • · The sponsor number needs a bundle activated on its own number in order for other dependents to all browse.

12. How do I check usage of data on a TUGABANE account?

Simply dial *175*4#

13. How do I subscribe for bundles to be used in a TUGABANE?

Simply Dial *175# and choose option 2 for Bundles.

For further inquiries, please contact