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frequently asked questions

1. In order to enjoy Airtel Internet, what do I need?

You will need the following in order to enjoy Airtel Internet.

Data Capable device or phone: A data capable device or phone is one which supports internet service as one of its features. You can refer to any of the device offers in this magazine for reference since they support internet

Airtel SIM card: You will also need an active Airtel SIM card (070 or 075) that is fully registered and activated onto the network

Internet Settings: You will also need Airtel Internet settings which will be set up and saved in your device in order to access the service. The settings you will need are the Airtel Access Point Name (APN).

Network coverage: As long as your active SIM card can pick Airtel Network, you can also access data service. Refer to the coverage map in this magazine for areas where you can access 3G.

Airtel Internet Offer or package: You can subscribe to any of the available internet packages (tariffs) in order to access the internet. We also offer some free data and benefits to both our new and existing customers.

2. What is the Airtel Access Point Name (APN) and how do I set up my phone?

The Airtel APN to access internet is simply the word “Internet”. You can request and set up the APN through the following ways.

Automatically receive the settings when you insert your active Airtel SIM is inserted in a new or different data capable device. On receipt, please save the settings in your phone

Manually insert the settings in the phone by going to through the following steps

  1. Select Menu or Applications
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Wireless and Networks
  4. Select Mobile Networks
  5. Select Access Point names
  6. Insert and save following
    • Access Point Name: Internet
    • Profile Name: Airtel Internet
  7. Save the profile and restart your machine, If successful, an Icon showing E (Edge) or 3G will appear on the top of your screen display.

3. What are some of the benefits I get as an Airtel Internet customer?

You can enjoy the following benefits when you are an internet customer

1st time User

As a first time user, you can enjoy the Kali Satu Offer where you get Free 2O Min, 20SMS and 20MB of data when you do your first time recharge for a new SIM card.

For any new device you purchase through all recognized Airtel shop outlets, you get free data. To activate the free data, kindly dial *175*9#. Refer to all the different device offers in this magazine on how much data you get depending on the phone you purchase.

1st time and existing users

For all users, you are entitled to the following benefits

  • Zero Facebook: Facebook Zero is a text-only version of the Facebook mobile site designed for feature phone, Visit 0.facebook.com on your handset to get Facebook free, extra data charges apply for viewing and download of images.
  • Free 20MB: You can also this offer once every month valid for 3 days. Simply dial *175*20# and you enjoy browsing, surfing for free.
  • Airtel Football: Visit airtelfootball.ug and free access to the latest news, updates and analysis on both local and international football.
  • Airtel Opera mini browser: This is a lighter and browser that improves you internet experience for most of the smartphones in the market. It allows you access to speed dials, Airtel Live, Zero Facebook and most popular local sites. To download, the Airtel branded OM browser, simply visit m.opera.com
  • Free Airtel Money App: You can access your Airtel Money service using a Free App over the internet.

4. How do i subscribe to other internet bundles?

You can subscribe to an internet bundle by dialing *175#. You can also use the SMS keyword for each bundle and send to 175. Refer to the back page to see all the details of the Airtel Internet tariffs and key shortcuts for activation.

5. How do I check my bundle usage?

You can check your data bundle usage by dialing *175*4#

6. Incase i need more support and information, what do I do.

You can call the Airtel helpline on 1100 for more assistance. You can also visit our Airtel shops for direct support. Kindly also visit the following

Website: www.airtel.com