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PaNet Facebook Bundles

Keep in touch with your friends on Facebook with Airtel’s Facebook Bundles. The Facebook bundles allow customers who have a lot of FaceBook needs to have a highly discounted access on the social network.

Below is a table of all the plans available in the Facebook Bundle.

Plan Price Volume(MB) Validity (Days) Buying code Shortcut for buying
PaNet Facebook Daily 110 50 1 *301# *301*300#
PaNet Facebook Weekly 230 115 7 *301# *301*301#
PaNet Facebook 20 days 1,200 1,024 20 *301# *301*302#

Note:For bundle balance dial *304#


Question: What is the Facebook Bundle?

Answer: It is a bundle that offers Facebook-specific value for money! A customer can now buy a value bundle for use in daily, weekly or monthly variants on Facebook alone. It is important to note that all other internet activity will be charged from a customer’s main account or from the data bundle account balance.

Question: What devices can access the Facebook Bundles?

Answer: Any device that is data enabled or data capable.

Question: Does a customer need to get a special SIM card to take up the Facebook Bundle?

Answer: No special SIM card is required; however, each SIM must have been KYC-ed without which data activity will be automatically disabled. All Prepaid & Postpaid customers with data capable handsets are eligible to take up any of the plans.