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Move to Airtel – Mobile Number Portability


Move to Airtel now with your existing number from July 7, 2011

Airtel, one of the world’s top 5 mobile telecommunications companies, embraces Mobile Number Portability and welcomes all customers to experience the same familiar brand across all our operations, enjoy the same quality of service, reliability, innovation and affordability wherever they live, work or travel.

Mobile Number Portability is a service that enables you to retain your mobile number(s) even when you change mobile operators. This means that you can move from one mobile operator to another without losing your number. 

At Airtel, we have made it easy by offering port-in options at over 10,000 retail points. You should look out for the posters and banners in market that read “Port In Here” and approach the authorized agent.  He/she will then work you through the process.

Keeping customer convenience and choice in mind, Airtel has waived all port in charges. You do not pay any fees to port in to Airtel so you are all welcome. 

MNP is available to both “Postpaid” (pay monthly contract) and “Prepaid” (pay-as-you-go) mobile customers of all network operators.

Want to join Airtel? Download a registration form from here to start the process. To find out more about how to move to Airtel and the benefits Airtel offers, visit our move2airtel website.