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Internet configuration for mobile phones and tablets

Getting Started – Provisioning the AirtelSim for internet or wap

  1. Send ‘internet’ or ‘wap’ to 232.

    Install or save received settings and use as default.

  2. Insert the AirtelSim into an Airtel modem, connect and browse on it for some few minutes.
  3. Call customer care ‘121’ and request for sim provisioning.

Phones with Android Operating Systems

  1. Go to settings >More settings>Wireless and Mobile networks >Access Point Names>Set new APN.
  2. Enter ‘Airtel’at name.
  3. Enter ‘internet’   at where you see ‘APN’
  4. Save your new APN by checking the newly created.

NB: when setup is successful there will be an ‘H’ ‘3G’ or the bars of your network.


Internet connection Setup

Go to Menu→ Settings→ General→ Network

APN: internet

Ignore Username & Password


Launch Browser


Go to settings > General > Cellular data > Enter ‘internet’ at APN> Save and Launch Browser.