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Q: What is Siliza?

A: This is a service that allows you to request/borrow airtime when you have run out of airtime in your account and you are expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period.

Q: How do I get to be eligible for this service?

A: You need to have been an Airtel subscriber for at least 1month. In addition, you have to be a loyal and consistent subscriber.

Q: How do I apply for the service?

A: The customer is required to send a request through a predefined short code *458#. This will provide him with all the denominations of airtime available to borrow.

Q: Am I charged for the service?


A: Yes. You will be charged 10% service upon recovery i.e. you will borrow K10 and get   K10 but pay back K11

Q: How much can I borrow on Siliza?

A: Customers are eligible to borrow on Siliza from K1 to K50 depending on their usage pattern.

Q: Will I be eligible for all the amounts on Siliza?

A: No. The amount for which a customer is eligible to borrow is dependent on the customers’ usage behavior meaning different customers will be eligible for different amounts.

Q: Can I call other Networks with Siliza?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Can I make international calls with Siliza?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I use my Siliza to Browse the Internet

A: Yes you can.

Q: I dialed the short code but got no response

A: We would encourage you to try making the request once again. There is likelihood that there may be many requests on the system and or temporary system downtime.

Q: I applied for Siliza loan but got a message informing me that I am not eligible

A: This may happen for 2 reasons:-

  • You may have just joined the network recently thus not meeting the minimum age in network of 1 month. It may also be as a result of not regularly loading airtime on your Airtel line.
  • You may have an unpaid Siliza airtime loan. You must settle this first before applying again.

Q: I applied for Siliza long ago yet it was only deducted this week

A: This could be due to delay in our system getting recharge notifications from the network. Our system is designed to recover airtime as soon as it gets notified of your reload, and if there are delays in such notifications it could result in delay in deduction after any one of your reloads.

Q: What happens if I don’t repay my loan after 48 hours?

A: You will not be able to access the Service until you pay back the entire amount owed and it will adversely affect your credit rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.

Q: What happens if I receive airtime through ME2U and I have a taken a loan?

A: The amount will be recovered. Any transaction that credits the main account triggers a recovery if the subscriber has a loan.

Q: What maximum balance should I have in my account to successfully apply for Siliza Service?

A: You can qualify for this product with any balance in your main account.

Q: Can I borrow Siliza more than once without repaying the first Siliza?

A: No, you must first repay the first Siliza before being eligible for another.

Q: I borrowed K1 and I had K1 in my account prior and I have not reloaded since, at what point do you start deducting from the remaining balance?

A: We will begin deducting from the borrower’s main account within 48 hours after your Siliza Advance

Q: What happens to my Siliza Advance in the event I replace my SIM card?

A: Your Siliza Advance remains intact and will be accessible as soon as you replace your SIM card as long as the grace period has not expired, which is currently at 48 hours.

Q: For queries and concerns, who do I contact?