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Mobile Radio


What is Airtel Mobile Radio?

Airtel Mobile Radio is an intelligent IVR based music station on your mobile with the capability of creating automated playlists. It is more than a radio, because the user can select his choice of song. More than that, he can maintain his own playlist. It offers functionality of downloading tracks and dedicating songs to any Airtel number.

New User

How do I access Airtel Mobile Radio?

Dial 5512 from your Airtel Mobile and enjoy Airtel Mobile Radio.

How do I subscribe to the service?

Dial 5512 from your Airtel Mobile and follow the instructions.

What are the language options that I have?

You can enjoy the service in English language.

Am I charged for this service?

Yes. You will be charged. You will be charged K2 /Month, K0.500 per Week or K0.250 per day. In case if you don’t have K2 in your account, then system will bill you for next lower price to provide the service with in the balance you have and listening music is absolutely free.

What are the charges of Airtel Mobile Radio?

Following are the charges:

Pack type Benefits Price (ZMW)
Monthly Pack Unlimited music whole Month with FUP of 24 Hours during Day time i.e. 6am to 10 pm & Unlimited music from 10pm to 6am K2.0434
Weekly Pack Unlimited music whole week with FUP of 5 Hours during Day time i.e. 6am to 10 pm & Unlimited music from 10pm to 6am K0.5108
Daily Pack Unlimited music whole day with FUP of 2 Hour during Day time i.e. 6am to 10 pm & Unlimited music from 10pm to 6am K0.2554
Dedication & Download respectively Download\Dedication for up to 3 songs K2.0434
Top-Up 1 Hour K 0.1022

Do you want to subscribe to the service?

New Subscriber

What do you mean by Top Ten?

Top Ten songs are the most popular songs which are in high demand by the music lovers. This keeps changing as and when a new album or song arrives in the market.

Am I charged separately for the listening to the Top Ten?



Can I skip a song or select a new song while listening?

Yes. You can press the following keys for the various functions while listening:

Main menu –  Press 0
Previous menu –  Press #
Set RBT -  Press *
Selection menu –  Press 1
Skip a song –  Press 2
Previous song –  Press 3
Save to My Favorites –  Press 4
Listen My Favorites –  Press 5
Dedication or Download –  Press 6
Help menu –  Press 9

Existing Subscriber

I am an existing subscriber of Airtel Mobile Radio. Can I select My Favorites directly?

Yes. Our system intelligence will take you straight to your My Favorite Playlist provided a My Favorite Playlist is created. Alternatively you may press 5 anytime and go to your favorite list.

Artist Wise

Can I browse through and select a song of my choice of artist?

Yes. Airtel Mobile Radio allows you to search and select the song artist wise. For example, if your choice of artist is Danny, then from the selection menu, select artist wise and then select for Danny by pressing the correct number on your mobile phone.

Which are the artists available on Airtel Mobile Radio?

On Airtel Mobile Radio we have all the popular artists including the following:

Afunika                       JK
Danny                        OGA Family
Slap D                        Mampi
Maya                          Choklet
Dalisoul                      B-Flo
Dandy Crazy             Efraim
Exile                            Macky2
Jojo Mwangaza        MC Wabwino
Mozegator                 Ozzy
Runnel                        Salma
Kay and many more…..

Category Wise

Can I select a song from a specific category of my choice?

Yes. Airtel Mobile Radio gives you the option of selecting your songs from the list of popular categories.

What are the various categories that are available on Airtel Mobile Radio?

The various main and sub categories that are available are as follows:

  1. Top 10
  2. Local Zambian Music
  3. Local Gospel
  4. International Music
    1. RnB
    2. Jazz
    3. Hip Hop
    4. Classics
    5. Rock
    6. Pop
    7. Country
    8. Ragga
    9. Gospel
    10. Reggae

My Favorite Zone

Do I need to pay any additional subscription charge to create and use My Favorite list?


How do I create My Favorite list?

While listening to any song, just press Press 4 to save that song in My favorites. You may repeat the same procedure for any song that you would like to add to your favorites playlist.

Is there any limit for the number of songs that can be saved in My Favorites?

Currently it is 20 songs. Depending on your usage we will enhance your Playlist capacity at no cost.

Is there any expiry period for the songs saved in the playlist?

No. The playlist is active and can be used till your subscription is active.


Can I dedicate any song on Airtel Mobile Radio to someone I wish?

Yes. Airtel Mobile Radio now allows you to dedicate a song to your loved ones along with your personalized message. Dedications can be made to your friends, relatives, well wishers during any occasion such as birthday, marriage, promotion, etc. Just Press 6 at any time followed by Press 1 to dedicate a song. Also record your message and enter the mobile number of the recipient.

Can a dedication be made on any number?

No, dedications can be made to only valid Airtel numbers. User will get a notification via SMS once dedication is sent.

What if the recipient was unable to attend the call and thus missed my dedication made to him?

Airtel Mobile Radio will retry and then send out an SMS with the details of the number to be called by the recipient. The recipient can call to the dedication listening number XXX and listen to the dedications.

Will the recipient be charged while calling the dedication portal number?

No. The call will be made on a Toll Free number 5513


Can I download a song onto my mobile?

Yes. You can download any song of your choice by just pressing the number 6 at any time followed by pressing 2. You need to have the internet facility available on your phone. You will receive an SMS with a link to download the selected song.


How do I unsubscribe?

Anytime while listening to the service, Press 9 and follow the IVR instructions.

SMS Search

I am not able to find out my favorite music on Airtel Music on demand IVR 5512. How can I find my favorite music?

Sir, There is no need to worry. We have an option to search any song artist wise or genre wise or any individual song name on SMS

How to search my favorite music or songs on SMS?

It’s very simple, All you have to do is you need to just SMS the song name or genre name or artist name to 5512.

For Example : If you want to search a song “Bola Panshi” then you need to just send SMS bola or panshi to 5512 to get the details of the song. Or if you want to search music by Macky2 then you can SMS Macky or Macky2 to 5512 to get the songs list of Macky2.

Will I be charged to search my favorite songs on SMS?

No, It’s absolutely free.

I have got the details of my favorite songs on SMS. But, I am not able to listen?

Sir, to listen the song, you need to just dial the 14 digit number which you have received on the SMS for each song.

I have sent an artist name to 5512, but I am not able to find the song that I want. I got only 5 songs?

Sir, Really sorry for the inconvenience. If you don’t find the songs when you send any artist name or genre name, kindly send more immediately to get the next list of 5 songs.

Should I subscribe to Airtel Music on demand to use this SMS search?

No, Anyone can search for songs on SMS for free. But, to listen or download the songs you need to subscribe to the service for just 2.0434 ZMK for month. Do you want to subscribe to the service? You can enjoy listening music for free.