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Games Club

Question: What is Airtel Games Club?

Answer: Airtel Games Club is a subscription based mobile portal which offer unlimited mobile games to download and play as long as you have an active subscription.

Question: Where do I find Mobile Games offered from Airtel on my mobile phone?

Answer: http://games.zm.airtellive.com from your mobile via your mobile browser.

Question: How do I get the link for Airtel Games Club?

Answer: Send "Game" "GC" or Gamesclub to 799 (toll free).

Question: How do I download the games from Airtel Games Club?

Answer: By clicking the download button on Games Club portal.

Question: How do I play the games?

Answer: You can access the games folder on your phone to play the games.

Question: How much do I pay for playing the games?



Subscription Pack

New Price

DailySubscription WAP


WeeklySubscription WAP


MonthlySubscription WAP


WeeklySubscription USSD


Alarcate 1


Alarcate 2


Alarcate 3


Question: Where can I see my subscription renewal date?

Answer: Visit "My Account" section of Games Club portal.

Question: How can I find the specific games on Games Club?

Answer: You can browse through the Games categories using the search feature or by selecting a category on the  portal.

Question: Where can I find the games which I have already downloaded? How can I download the games again?Do I need to pay again for these Games?

Answer: Go to "My Account" section to see the list of games downloaded by you. You will not be charged for re-downloading games from "my account"

Question: How can I unsubscribe or stop Games Club service?

Answer: You need to go to "My Account" in Games Club and click on 'Unsubscribe' button. Or send SMS  STOP or UNSUB to 799.

Ala Carte Games FAQs

Question: What is Ala Carte Games portal?

Answer: You pay only for the game that you have downloaded.

Question: Are there any recurring charges?

Answer: No recurring charges. You pay only for the game that you have downloaded.

Question: What if I have been charged but I didn't get the game?

Answer: You can still download the same game from 'My Account' section of portal.

Question: I changed my handset. Earlier I used to see more games for my handset. Why has this reduced?

Answer: The games that we make available to you are compatible for specific handset model.

Question: What if I change my handset or mobile number? Can I still get my previous games?

Answer: If you change your handset only then you may be able to play the same game compatible.

However, if you change your mobile number, then you will be recognized as a new user.