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Airtel Night Store FAQs

Question: What is Airtel Night Store Promotion?

Answer: Airtel Night store is a permanent product designed to allow Airtel's prepaid customers enjoy late night calls with Friends & Family. At K5, a customer can buy a combo pack with Airtel-to-Airtel calling minutes and unlimited browsing. For only K3, a customer can buy either night calling minutes pack for Airtel to Airtel calls, or unlimited night browsing data pack.
These packs are valid between 22:25 and 05:00 hours every day.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: A customer dials the USSD code *565# on which they will have an opt out option, auto renewal option and once off option.

Question: How many times can a customer get the bonus after reaching their target?

Answer: A Customer is only allowed to purchase one Pack per day.

Question: How much value does a customer get from Night Store Calling Pack?

Answer: A customer gets up to 120 Airtel to Airtel minutes per night which he can use between 22:25 and 05:00

Question: What is the validity of the voice and data value allocated?

Answer: Airtel Night Store packs will be valid between 22:25 and 05:00 hours every day. That is, the value given in Night Store packs is valid only from twenty-two twenty five hours in the evening to five hours in the morning the following day.

Question: Can I use the minutes to call on other networks?

Answer: No, all voice value allocated is for on-net usage only.

Question: What happens when I buy Data bundle whilst having Night Offer?

Answer: Where a customer already has night offer for data, either the Combo or the unlimited browsing only and they decide to purchase a data bundle, the data bundle will only be used before 22:25hrs & after 05:00hrs.

Question: Is the promotion open to all?

Answer: Yes. The promotion is open to the entire Airtel prepaid base.

Question: How does one opt out if they do not wish to be on the promotion anymore?

Answer: Customers who are on auto renewal may cancel auto-renewal by dialling *565# and proceeding to option 4 which is cancelling auto-renewal.

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