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Me2U is an airtime-sharing service. It enables you to top up mobile phones of your friends, and family members directly from your own mobile phone.


  • 24-hour availability: airtime can be sent anytime of the day whether at night or during the day
  • Airtime can be sent in any amounts whether it’s K200 or K900.
  • You can top up on behalf of family member or friends

How to transfer airtime

They are two ways of sending airtime

Method 1
This applies to SIM cards that have been updated and are 32K SIM cards.
On your menu select SMS menu
Under SMS menu there is a Me2U feature, clicking the me2u feature gives you two options:
- Send airtime
- Change password
Select the send airtime option, write the required denomination, then the password and then ok.

Method 2
For 16K SIM cards
Go to messages, select Write message, then type:
2u[space]<phone number>[space]<amount>[space]<password>
For example to send 200 Units to 0999654321
Simply type: 2U 0999654321 200 1234 and send the sms to 151. You can choose to transfer any amount. The default password is 1234. You should change the default password to any new 4-digit number, but the digits should be non-consecutive i.e. numbers that are NOT next to one another in a counting sequence e.g. 4637

How to change your password

Method 1
This applies to SIM cards that have been updated and are 32K SIM cards.
Select change password, enter your current password (Default, i.e. 1234) Then you will be required to enter a new password and you confirm it.
For example to change Pin to 3908
Type 1234
New password = 3908
Confirm new password = 3908
Then press Ok.
The password is for security purposes. It is advisable to change the default password to a password of your choice.}

Method 2
For 16K SIM cards
Select messages on your menu, opt for write messages. Type in the message below:
Pin [1234]<old password>[space]<new password>
For example for change your password from 1234 to 3908
Simply type: Pin 1234 3908 and send the sms to 151.


Me2U is absolutely free.

Customers can change their old SIM cards with the new ones at airtel offices.