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Caller ID

You can always see the number of the person calling you on the display of your airtel mobile phone.

When you see who is calling, you can decide whether to answer or not. If you don't want to take the call, it is automatically transferred to your voicemail. That way, you can reply when it suits you.  

The service is free and is already set up on all airtel mobile phones.

How to withhold your identity

You can prevent your number from showing on someone else's mobile phone when you call them.  

To stop your number showing, please call Customer Care and ask them to set up this option for you.  

Once this feature has been activated you can set it up and control it yourself through the following:

  • Go to Call settings,
  • Choose the own number sending option
  • Select "on" if you want your number to show, and "off" if you do not want your number to show