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App Store

Save yourself of the credit card hustles.  Download free & premium applications from Malawi’s first App store. Malawi App store is an Airtel branded, third party managed “Market place” for mobile users to browse and shop for applications/mobile content that relates to their real world requirements.

The App store supports phones across multiple operating systems (OS) - Android, Java, Symbian, iOS, and Blackberry. The store catalogue has free and premium apps. Billing of premium apps is done from customer’s Airtime.


  • Free Apps
  • Access to buy Premium Apps as most users do not have access or the ability to do credit cards.
  • Local developers have a channel to distribute apps


  • Premium Apps price ranges from K100- K5500.
  • Normal data charges apply for browsing and downloading

How to Get App Store

The app store is available via the web URL It can also be downloaded from google play store.