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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is basically internet access with  high speed and bandwidth on different devices such as handsets, modems, routers  using GPRS/EDGE/3G as  Platforms. The following are the practical speeds that can be achieved under  each platform:

  • GPRS-  (20-80)Kbps
  • EDGE-  (30-120)Kbps
  • UMTS/WCDMA- (384-7,200)Kbps

Product/Service Proposition

The Mobile broadband service  comprises the device and airtel network . The device uses GPRS/EDGE/3G as a  bearer. 

Mobile  broadband service is being offered in 3 classes;

  •   Mobile broadband access using wireless  routers
  •   Fixed wireless broadband access using dongle  on PC or laptop
  •   Mobile Internet using 3G enabled handset

3 Simple ways to access

  • Using your Mobile Phone
  • *Ensure  your phone is 3G enabled
  • *Buy and  load a bundle of your choice (daily, weekly, starter)



  • Using your Laptop
  • *Ensure  your laptop is running  on Window XP  or  higher
  • *Buy a  Netbook from the airtel shops and get a free dongle and sim card with  200MB valid for a week
  • * If you  already have a 3G dongole  that you  already possess buy and load a bundle of your choice (  Recommended Weekly, starter, Plus ,Max)



  • Using a router
  • *Ensure  your desktop or laptop is running Window XP or higher
  • *Buy a  wireless router from airtel shops with a free simcard and 200MB free valid for a  week
  • *Buy and  load a bundle of your choice (Recommended Plus, Max)



  • Steps to activate Internet on the  Phone
    • Send SMS with "all" to 575 (blank SMS works too).
    • This will activate the subscriber for data and picture messaging, as  needed
    • System first sends a 'welcome' message, followed by one or more  configuration messages.
    • User must "accept", "save" or "activate" each message 
    • In some cases, user will receive an error message response (no remote  config or no data)
    • If  you are still unable to access  the internet, troubleshoot.
    • If you are still unable to configure the phone, visit the nearest airtel  shop for hands-on assistance.

NOTE: By default the ADC(Automatic Device Configuration system) will  "push" the settings to the customers. However, in case the ADC has failed to  "push" the settings then the customer can "pull" or request for the settings by  following the aforementioned steps.


Data Bundles


Data bundle- An internet package which acts as a means of reducing  the cost of accessing internet by way of purchasing usage in bigger  volumes. Out of Bundle-Accessing internet on pay as you go basis  i.e. load airtime and access the internet without having to purchase a bundle.

Pay As You Go Price (Inc VAT)
Internet Data Price
Per 1Kb 2.66 Tambala


For more information visit http://www.airteldata.com