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Voice SMS

It is a service where customers’ record messages to Airtel customers and to customers on other networks in Ghana.

The recipient gets an SMS notification with instructions on how to retrieve the voice message.

There are 2 types of voice SMS

  1. Automatic Voice SMS

    A subscriber can make a voice call to another Airtel Ghana subscriber and if the mobile phone of the Airtel Ghana subscriber is switched off, not reachable or unanswered, an option for the subscriber to informing the subscriber followed by an option for the subscriber to stay on the line to send a voice sms for voice calling charges or to hang –up for no charges. If the subscriber does not hang-up during the announcement, the call will be charged and the caller will be able to leave a message.

  2. P2P(person-person) Voice SMS

    Airtel Ghana customers can send voice messages to any network in Ghana using the method below:

    Dial *<mobile-number-of-Ghana-subscriber>to send a voice sms to any mobile phone in Ghana. Charges are outlined below:

    Transaction Type Cost/charges
    Compose & send Voice SMS(Airtel to Airtel) 2Gp
    Compose & send  Voice SMS(Airtel to Airtel) 4GP
    Listening to Voice SMS(*0*) FREE
    Listening to old voice SMS or repeat listening (*1*) 1Gp