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Airtel ChawChaw- Get back all you spend, instantly!

Airtel ChawChaw is a new product which allows you to get back all you spend instantly on voice, browsing or SMS.

Airtel ChawChaw will allow you to:

  • Get back the same amount you spend on local calls, local SMS or Pay As You Go internet.
  • Bonus is received instantly after usage
  • Bonus does not expire!
  • You will see the End of Call Notification that tells you that you have won back all the amount you spent right after you make a call or send an SMS.
  • Not applicable on International calls, SMS & data bundles
  • Customer also enjoys FREE Airtel Money P2P Transactions


Who qualifies for this offer?

All New & Existing Pre-paid customers

When will it end?

There is no end date for this product. In the event where this product will be terminated or cease to run, customers will be given prior information.

How do I subscribe to this offer?

Subscribe by dialing USSD *520# or by calling MAMO on 141 for FREE.

What do I have to do to get bonus?

You will get bonus instantly when:

  • You make a call to any Airtel line or any network in Ghana
  • You send SMS to any Airtel number or any other network in Ghana
  • You use PAYG data on the Airtel network

When will I get bonus?

Instantly, this will be displayed as part of your end of call notification (EOCN), ie, your EOCN will display your amount used and the amount you have won back.

What can I use my bonus for?

Bonus can be used for:

  • Calls to all local networks – Airtel, MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Glo, Expresso
  • SMSs to all local networks - Airtel, MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Glo, Expresso
  • PAYG data

How much am I charged when I make a call?


Rate (GHC)
Main Account Charges

Airtel to Airtel


Airtel to MTN


Airtel to Other Local Networks


SMS Airtel to Airtel


SMS Airtel to Other local Networks


Internet per MB


How do I check my bonus?

You can check your bonus by dialing *133*33#

Do I get bonus when I make international calls?

No, you do not get bonus when you make international calls or send SMS to an international destination.

Can I use my bonus for international calls?

No, bonus cannot be used for international calls or SMS

What is the validity of my bonus?

There is no validity on your bonus. In other words, your bonus does not expire.

If I have bonus in my account and I make a local call, will I be charged?

You will be charged from your bonus account. Your main account will get deducted only when you have no bonus minutes.

How do I unsubscribe?

Dial *520# and select unsubscribe.

What happens when I unsubscribe?

You will be taken back to the offer you were on before you subscribed to Airtel ChawChaw.

Can I enjoy this offer and still enjoy Talk Chaw Ankasa?

No, you will not be able to enjoy Talk Chaw Ankasa bonus when you are on this offer.

What offers will not be available to me when I subscribe to Airtel ChawChaw?

  • Talk Chaw Ankasa
  • Kasa Saa
  • Good Morning Ghana
  • Voice bundles – Adehye, Too Much and Super Saver.
  • Enterprise Offers
  • Airtel Frndz
  • Any promotions or packs that gives the customer reduced tariffs or bonus on usage.