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Voicemail is an easy-to-use answering service.

How does Voicemail work?

If you are not available to answer your phone (or it is switched off), Voicemail will take a message. The caller will hear your recorded message, asking them to leave a message for you.

Your phone will then alert you that you have messages to pick up. Just dial 952 to hear your Voicemail messages.

The Voicemail service can store up to 20 messages and will keep unread messages in your mailbox for 5 days and read messages for at least 1 day.

To find out more, read our guide to using Voicemail. It tells you how to:

How much does it cost?

There is no charge when a caller leaves a Voicemail message for you.

Depositing a Voicemail message is charged according to the tariff plan you’re on, and the duration of your Voicemail message, e.g. a customer on Gx will be billed at K0.017 per second.

How to divert Voicemail

You can divert your incoming calls to Voicemail so that callers can leave you a message. It's a good idea to do this if you are not available to answer the phone.

The Voicemail service will automatically take messages if your phone is switched off or if you are outside the coverage area.

How to do divert calls to Voicemail

  1. Open your phone's main menu
  2. Select Settings/Set-up
  3. Select Call Divert
  4. Choose the option you would like (Divert if busy, Divert if not answered, Divert if out of reach, etc)
  5. Select Activate

How to listen to your Voicemail messages

Your phone will alert you if somebody has left a Voicemail message for you. Most phones will make a sound. Then your phone will either display a text message or a small symbol that tells you there is a Voicemail message for you.

How to pick up your messages

  1. Dial 952
  2. Press SEND

You are now connected to the Voicemail service. Just follow the spoken instructions to pick up your messages.

How to activate Voicemail

It only takes a minute to start using Voicemail:

  1. Dial 952
  2. Follow voice prompts or instructions