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Buddie Chat

Buddy Chat is a solution which brings customers to a platform that gives them a chance to find new friends with common interests and yet if they so desire, maintain anonymity.


  1. Anonymity: Original identity of the customer is not revealed hence maintaining the privacy.
  2. No additional infrastructure required: customers will be allowed to use his/her mobile phone to chat and no additional infrastructure is required to enjoy this service.
  3. Easily accessible: Service is an Interactive Voice Recording based portal hence is available easily anytime, anywhere.
  4. Easy to use: Voice Chat is an Interactive Voice Recording based user friendly service which can be enjoyed by all ages.


How the service works

Simply dial 4297 to start chatting.


  • Currency
  • Monthly subscription
  • K2
  • Weekly subscription
  • K0.6
  • Browsing
  • K0.006 per second