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Airtel SMS Pack

Question: What is an Airtel SMS Pack?

Answer: This is a pack that offers Airtel Customers a chance to get 1000 SMS’ every day for 30days at only K6.

Question: How do I subscribe to the service?

Answer: Dial *403# and select which pack you wish to buy.

Question: How much will I be charged for the Service?

Answer: you will only be charged K6 to buy the pack that is valid for 30days.

Question: How often can I purchase a pack?

Answer: you can purchase a pack as soon as you deplete all the SMS’ in the current pack or when the validity period expires.

Question: Can I buy another pack before the previous one expires?

Answer: No. another pack can only be purchased once you deplete all the SMS’ in the current pack or the validity period expires.

Question: Who is eligible for this service?

Answer: This service is open to all prepaid Subscribers on Airtel.

Question: When can I use the SMS’?

Answer: This SMS’ can be used anytime of the day, day or night.

Question: Will the 1000 SMS’ that will be given daily expire?

Answer: Yes these will expire every day at midnight, and you shall be credited with 1000 more the following day.