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Good Morning Zambia

Good morning Zambia!!! Wake up, say hello & browse for only 50ngwee per day. You get 50MB of Data and 50SMS for use between 6AM and 8AM every morning. Dial *141#  to get started!

FAQs - Good Morning Zambia

  1. What is Good Morning Zambia?

    Good Morning Zambia is a service on Data and SMS that will allow customers to enjoy   browsing of up to 50MB and 50SMS every day between 6AM and 8AM (in the morning)

  2. What is the charge for opting in to Goodmorning Zambia?

    The charge for opting in to Goodmorning Zambia is 50ngwee/ day. You will have an option to get a daily once off Goodmorning Zambia pack or a daily auto-renewal pack.

  3. To whom is this campaign available?

    The service is available to all clients. The 50MB is available to prepaid customers on Pay As You Go.

  4. How do I opt in for Good Morning Zambia campaign?

    To opt in to the Good Morning Zambia service, you dial the short code *141#.

  5. How do I Opt out of the Good Morning Zambia campaign?

    To opt out of Goodmorning Zambia, you need to dial *141# and select option 3.

  6. How do I check how much free SMS or MB's I have left?

    To check usage of your 50MB and 50SMS simply dial *114*12#

  7. What will happen when I exhaust my 50MB or my 50sms allocation for the Good morning Zambia and still want to browse?

    Once the volume limit is reached, you will be charged from your Main account. For SMS, normal SMS rates will apply once you exhaust your 50SMS

  8. What time can I use the free data and SMS?

    The free Data and SMS can only be used between 6AM and 8AM every day. After 8hrs normal data and SMS rates apply.

  9. What time of the day can I subscribe to the Good Morning Zambia campaign?

    You can subscribe at any time of the day. If you subscribe During the Free Browsing and texting period, you will only be eligible for the following day.

  10. Which types of customer are eligible for the Good Morning Zambia Campaign?

    The campaign is available to ALL Prepaid customers.

  11. For how long will this Campaign Run?

    The promotion is a permanent offering.

  12. How do I check how much Volume I have used from the Good Morning Zambia campaign?

    Dial *114*12# to check usage of your free offers.

  13. Will the internet terminate once I reach my Good Morning Zambia volume limit?

    No. You will continue browsing once the allocation is reached, there will be a seamless transition for the process. However billing will switch to either Main account or Bundle.