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    Airtel Corporate Combo Extra

    Q1: What is corporate combo extra?

    Corporate combo extra enables customers to make free airtel to airtel calls for a period of one month. The service is strictly for prepaid users.


    Q2: How much will it cost to subscribe?

    Charge is 40,000 inclusive of TAX.


    Q3: What resources will customer enjoy?

    The Data allocated is 1GB and the voice minutes is 500 minutes strictly for on net (Airtel to Airtel calls)
    Benefit is only Voice and Data. No SMS


    Q4: What is the validity of the service?

    The service is valid for 30 days (1 month) from time of subscription.

    Subscription to service is strictly through back end provisioning team and request. No self subscription


    Q5: How to I check bonus minutes?

    To check bonus minutes, dial *170# for minutes and *175*4# for data.


    Q6: Once minutes expire what is normal on net call rate?

    5.5 Shs per sec for both On- net and Off Net will apply.


    Q7: After minutes have expired can customer purchase pakalast or kawa?

    Yes they can.


    Q8: Can customer opt to buy moo sms on *180#?

    Yes they can.


    Q9: Is combo open to individuals or  corporate companies only?

    Open to anyone.

      Airtel Corporate Combo Extra
    Minutes Data (GB) Cost
    Super Corporate 500 1 40,000