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    Airtel Corporate Combo Offer

    Q1: What is a Corporate Combo?

    Corporate Combo is a new enterprise offer that comes with on-net and offnet minutes, on net and off net SMS + data bundles.


    Q2: What are the main benefits of corporate combo

    Unlike the existing Combos, the corporate Combo comes with off-net minutes and SMS.

    This offer is good for business community who make so many onnet and offnet calls within a month.


    Q3: What are the available resources in the Corporate Combo?

    Resources are available in the 4 plans as shown in the table below;

      Airtel Corporate Combo
    Minutes SMS Data (GB) Cost
    Airtel Off-Net Airtel Off-Net
    Small 800 400 800 100 3 160,000
    Medium 1,500 500 800 100 5 229,000
    Large 2,000 800 1,200 250 10 330,000
    Extra Large 3,000 800 1,200 850 20 499,000
    Validity 30 Days


    Q4: How do I subscribe to this offer?

    Subscription is through USSD *188#

      Corporate Bundles      
        1. Corporate Voice Bundles    
        2. I-Control    
        3. Corporate Combos    
          Corporate Combo_Small(160k)  
            800mins onnet,400mins offnet,800 onnet SMS,100SMS Offnet,3GB
          Corporate Combo_Medium(229k)  
            1500mins onnet,500mins offnet,800 onnet SMS,100SMS Offnet,5GB
          Corporate Combo_Large(330k)  
            2000mins onnet,800mins offnet,1200 onnet SMS,250SMS Offnet,10GB
          Corporate Combo_XL(499k)  
            3000mins onnet,800mins offnet,1200 onnet SMS,850SMS Offnet,20GB


    Q5: Which customers are eligible for this offer?

    Though the target segment is High Value and Corporate Clients, all Airtel prepaid customers can as well access this offer


    Q6: Can I use my off net minutes to make calls to all other networks including International?

    Yes. Off net minutes can be used to call across networks except international.

    You can buy international bundles for international calling service.


    Q7: What can i do to know my combo balances?

    Dial *170#, press Yes /OK to know your combo minutes & SMS

    Dial *175*4# press Yes/ OK to know your combo data balances


    Q8: Can I do data share/Data Me 2 U on Corporate Combo?

    No ,data me 2 U doesn’t work on Corporate combos


    Q9: Can I do Tugabane on Corporate Combo?

    Yes, you can do Tugabane anytime.


    Q10: Do I get a confirmation message after I subscribe to a Corporate Combo

    Yes, the confirmation message will be: You have subscribed to Corporate Combo at XX K. Enjoy XX onnet Mins, XXoffnet mins,XX onnet SMS,XX offnet SMS and XX GB for 30days


    Q11: Can I be on CUG when I subscribe for a Corporate Combo?

    Yes, so long as you meet the CUG conditions, you can have both Corporate Combo & CUG offer.


    Q12: Which of the two: airtime and Combo minutes goes off first in case of a call?

    Combo Minutes is used up first then the airtime on the main account.