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Toll Free Service

Make it more convenient for your customers to reach  you. When you acquire a toll-free number from Airtel, you give your customers a  powerful incentive to contact you whenever the need arises, without thinking  about the cost.


Your company bears all the traffic charges on behalf  of the callers. Ultimately, the volumes of business you attract would make up  for the cost of these calls. Corporate and medium sized businesses can,  therefore, use toll-free numbers in connection with sales and marketing  efforts.



  1.     Reversal billing concept
  2.     Availability of special numbers for customers to easily remember



  1. Allows for easy communication and effective customer relationship  management (CRM);
  2. Provides an innovative means of service differentiation and  branding;
  3. Portrays the business as being customer friendly and encourages  empathy
  4. Toll-free numbers can be displayed on corporate marketing  communications materials (e.g. adverts, billboards, websites, etc).
  5. Brand perception enhancement
  6. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty