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Fixed Line Offer

In business, cutting costs is one of the best ways of making money. For both local and international calls, Airtel fixed line solution presents businesses with a convenient way of reducing the cost of communication.



  1. Enjoy reduced charges on local as well as international calls.
  2. You get the added flexibility of choosing either the prepaid or Postpaid Fixed Line service.
  3. Send and receive text messages, receive  Voicemail, missed call alerts and call records (if you are on the Postpaid  plan), all on your Fixed Line.
  4. Airtel Fixed Line is programmed to function within 1 km radius from your office location.
  5. If your business has a large number of staff, with several  extensions, an Airtel fixed line is a versatile, cost-effective solution  that can be connected to your company’s PABX.
  6. Your company will also enjoy lower rates when calls are made to other Airtel numbers.