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Direct Connect

Airtel Direct Connect is a communication solution designed for  corporate institutions that have extensive GSM traffic.



  1. Direct connection from the corporate PABX to the Airtel network  over E 1 circuits;
  2. The E1 connection provides 30 voice channels. (Additional E1 connections can be  provided in keeping with traffic volume or scaled accordingly based on call  volumes);
  3. The  facility allows for both incoming and outgoing calls;
  4. SIM card is required for desk phones as their extensions are mapped into Airtel’s number range;
  5. Integrates seamlessly with client’s data network for mobile data services and applications;
  6. Direct Connect enables all GSM and international calls to remain on the same network;
  7. It offers a platform for future expansion and migration of terrestrial voice and data services.



  1. Increased capacity as it provides 30 voice channels from the customer’s PABX to the Airtel network;
  2. Increased reliability as it is fully managed by Airtel;
  3. Cost reduction based on least cost routing facility - eliminates the high tariff of  fixed-line to GSM calls;