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Corporate customers can now choose an affordable monthly guarantee per line and enjoy the following fantastic offers:


  1. Special on-net and off-net call tariffs
  2. Free unlimited calls to colleagues

I-Choose postpaid service allows corporate organisations to save on calls made amongst employees by placing  them within a Closed User Group (CUG).


The service is  available to businesses with a minimum of 2 postpaid line requests.

To join this service, organizations must agree to pay a minimum monthly guaranteed fee of GHC 10, GHC 20, GHC 30 or GHC 50. By committing to any of the minimum amounts, users will  get to benefit from the preferential on-net and off-net tariffs as indicated below. The higher you commit, the lower your price per minute.

Additionally, employees within the Closed User Group will get to speak unlimited with each other throughout the month.

Monthly Commitment Table



  • Minimum Monthly Guaranteed Fee
  • On Net (per minute)
  • Off Net (per minute)
  • Closed User Group
  • GHC 10
  • GHC 0.09
  • GHC0.11
  • Unlimited
  • GHC 20
  • GHC 0.08
  • GHC 0.10
  • Unlimited
  • GHC 30
  • GHC 0.07
  • GHC 0.10
  • Unlimited
  • GHC 50
  • GHC 0.06
  • GHC 0.95
  • Unlimited


Interested companies  can contact any of the Airtel Shops or dial 111 or 0260 000 111 for further  information.