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Connect Na Bonse

1. What is the new SIM Offer?

This is an offer on ALL new Airtel prepaid SIMs for all new customers who join the Airtel network. All customers will get 15 Airtel minutes 15 Airtel SMS and 15MB of data valid for 7 days provided they top up with K2 or more for them to enjoy Airtel to Airtel calls, SMS and data upon successful SIM registration and activation of their new number.

2. What’s on Offer?

Customers will get 15 minutesof Airtel to Airtel calls ,15 on net SMS and 15MB of data. These will be given only if they top up with K2 or more on their First Recharge. This offer is only for new customers and is once off.

3. How does it work?

  1. Customer purchases NEW SIM
  2. Customer completes SIM Registration giving all mandatory requirements for successful registration
  3. Customer then activates their line with a chargeable (billable) call
  4. Customer then makes a First Recharge of K2 or more
  5. Once the customer has fulfilled the above conditions, they will receive 15 on net minutes, 15 on net SMS and 15MB of data.
  6. Offer is once off

4. What is the validity of the offer?

The offer is valid for the first month on the network before the first recharge and is once off.

5. What is the validity of the minutes, SMS and data?

The allocated 15 on net mins, 15 SMS and 15MB of data are valid for 7 days only.

6. How Do I check for balance?

You simply dial *114*2#

7. What if my first recharge is less than K2?

The customer will not receive the offer benefits: 15 on-net minutes, 15 SMS and 15MB of Data.

8.Is the offeropen to all customers?

Yes. The service is open to all Airtel Prepaid Customers except for: Payphones & Hybrid customers (Corporate Accounts)

9. How do I sign up/get it?

Purchase a new SIM from a retailer near you. Register the SIM. Activate the new line. Top up with K2 or more and get talking, SMSing or using data.

10. How much does it cost?

The customer will only need to buy their SIM at the normal retail price of K5. Then they must do their first recharge of K2 or more to receive the benefit: 15 on-net minutes and K15 airtime for on-net calls, on-net SMSes and data.

11. Where do I get help?


12. Where do I get help from the Products Team?

1. Call Samuel on 097 898 13338 or Email:
2. Travis on 097 898 0893 or Email: