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Social Pack FAQs

Airtel presents you … Social Bundles from as low as K2 per day. Dial *575# and select option 3 to start enjoying Airtel Social Bundles.


What are Social Bundles?

Social bundles are bundles that cater to your Social needs at affordable rates. There is a Facebook only bundle, a WhatsApp only bundle and a Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook bundle.

How much do the Social Bundles cost?

Price Social Bundles Daily (24hrs) Weekly (7 days) Monthly (30 days) Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter bundle K6 K25 K100 WhatsApp Only bundle K3 K10 K50 Facebook Only bundle K2 K10 K50.

Is there a volume limit to the Social bundles?

No, the Social bundles come with unlimited access hence no volume limit applies. This means that for all MMS, Text and Video service within the Social bundle URL will be charged from within the Pack. All voice calling services on Social bundles (WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook) will be charged from either main account or data bundle.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to the Social bundles you simply dial *575# and select option 3. You will then select either a Facebook only bundle or a combined bundle for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

If I have a valid Social bundle and I click on a link that takes me out of the Social bundle offers what will happen?

Browsing on a link imbedded in any one of the Social bundle sites will be charged from main account or Data Bundle. For instance if you are on Facebook and you click on a link that routes you to This will fall outside the Social bundle and you will be charged from your main account or your Data bundle.

How will I be charged if I make a call using the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) feature on Whatsapp or Facebook?

If you make a call using the Voice calling feature on Whatsapp or Facebook, this will be charged outside the Social Bundle offering, hence standard Data rates will apply for making calls over Whatsapp and Facebook call feature.

Can I get more than one Social bundle at once?

No. You cannot get more than one Social bundle at the same time. This means that if you have subscribed to the 1 day Social bundle. You cannot on the same day get a weekly bundle or a monthly bundle until your 1 day Social Bundle expires.

Can I buy a Data bundle whilst having a Social bundle?

Yes you can buy a normal Data bundle whilst having a Social bundle, the Social bundle will have priority of usage.

Can I get a Facebook bundle and a WTF bundle at the same time?

You can get a Facebook Pack then later get a WTF Pack and forfeit the Facebook pack but you cannot get a Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook bundle first then later get a Facebook only bundle.

If I have a normal Bundle will I be able to use my Social bundle?

Yes, if you have a normal bundle you will be able to use the Social bundle. The Social bundle takes priority for browsing on the Social bundle sites (Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter or the Facebook only bundle).

If I have a Post-paid line can I get a Social bundle?

Social bundles are available only on prepaid numbers hence if you have a Post-paid line you will not be eligible for the service.

If I have a night store how will my offers be used?

If you have a valid Social bundle and you get a Night Store offer. The Night store offer will have higher priority over the Social bundle, hence within the Night Store time, your usage will be from the Night Store.