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100% Bonus on Bundles

  1. The 100% Bonus is available only on prepaid
  2. The 100% Bonus is valid only for 1 hour after purchase of the main standard bundle
  3. If a subscriber buys multiple bundles before the first bundle bought expires they will be able to extend the validity of the cumulative bundle to the latest validity of the current bundle purchased.
  4. The Data bonus will be separate from the normal bundle and the subscriber will need to use up their bonus bundle before using their normal bundles.
  5. Subscribers will be able to buy the data bundles from the data short-code *575#.

The table below shows the standard bundles and the bonus bundles.

  MB Price (ZMW) Bonus Bundle Validity of bonus bundle
Daily 20MB daily 3.1 20MB 1Hour
30MB daily 4.5 30MB 1Hour
50MB daily 7.2 50MB 1Hour
100MB daily 10.3 100MB 1Hour
250MB daily 25 250MB 1Hour
Weekly 150MB Weekly 25 150MB 1Hour
250MB Weekly 36 250MB 1Hour
500MB Weekly 52 500MB 1Hour
1GB 103 1GB 1Hour
2GB 144 2GB 1Hour
5GB 325 5GB 1Hour
Monthly 1GB Monthly 134 1GB 1Hour
2GB Monthly 190 2GB 1Hour
5GB Monthly 415 5GB 1Hour
10GB Monthly 700 10GB 1Hour
2 months 10GB Monthly 718 10GB 1Hour
3 months 20GB 3 months 1150 20GB 1Hour
40GB 3 months 2050 40GB 1Hour