Wallet to Bank How to FAQs

How Do I deposit money from my Airtel money Account to my bank Account?

Please follow the picture Wallet to Bank How to

How much does it cost to transfer funds from my Airtel money Account to my Bank Account?

This service only costs K6 despite the amount being transferred to your respective bank

Which Banks Can I send money to with my Airtel Money Account?

All Banks in Zambia. Be sure to know the Bank Code Number, Bank Area Code Bank Branch Code and the recipients’ account number. For Guidance, pls click here (attachment provided in PDF) to see all relevant Bank Codes.

Please follow the Sort Code of All Zambian local Banks in the Attachment

How long does it take for the funds to reflect in my bank account after transferring from my Airtel Money Account, given all details are correct?

The rules of the Cheque Truncation Clearing System Apply therefore funds from your Airtel Money account will clear in the T+1 cheque clearing period which means that all cheques (Airtel Money funds Transfer in this Case) deposited up to 12:00 hours will be given value before 12:00 hours the following business day. And Cheques (Airtel Money funds Transfer in this Case) deposited after 12:00 hours will be cleared the following business day and value given before 12:00 hours on the third day (T+2). Please note this Applies during the week days (Monday –Friday) ONLY

If Funds are transferred from the Airtel Money wallet to the bank on the weekend, funds will only clear on the next Business Day