Bank To Wallet How to FAQs

What is the Barclays Bank to Wallet Transfer?

This is a feature that allows Barclays Bank customers transfer funds from their online banking service directly into their Airtel Money Account

How does this work?

Please follow the picture Bank To Wallet How to

How much does it cost?

This service is FREE OF CHARGE

How long do the funds take to reflect in my Airtel Money Account?

No Longer than 30 Minutes

Does this Work for Transferring funds online from All bank accounts to your Airtel money Account?

Unfortunately not yet. This currently only works for Barclays Bank Account holders.

However if you Walk into an Access Bank, Cavmont Bank or UBA Bank Branch, you are able to do over the counter deposits and get your evalue immediately reflecting in your phone

Purchasing of Evalue using Barclays Internet Banking

Registration can be done in 5 steps:

  • Login to Barclays Internet Banking and Select "Payee Management" and click "Add Payee"
  • Under Payee Type, select "Domestic Barclays Account" click Next
  • Enter the following details :
    • Beneficiary Branch Code : 016
    • Beneficiary Account Number : 1177369
    • Beneficiary Name : Airtel Money
    • Payee Nickname : Airtel Money click next
  • Confirm the payee details. Ensure the Beneficiary name reads "Airtel Mobile Commerce Zambia" ensure "Activate This Payee" is ticked, click "confirm"
  • One Time Pin "OTP" will be sent you the registered number once entered click "confirm"