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International Roaming

What is International Roaming?

Ability of customers to use their phones in any country Airtel Nigeria has roaming agreement with.

International Roaming is currently available for Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers

Roaming Agreement

  • Unilateral HPMN - ability for airtel Nigeria's subscribers to roam on visited network
  • Unilateral VPMN - ability for visiting subscribers to roam on our network
  • Bilateral - ability for both parties to roam on both networks


- VPMN : Visitors Public Mobile Network

- HPMN: Home Public Mobile Network

To find out countries where airtel has roaming agreement; Text "Roam (space) Prepaid/Postpaid (space) Country" to 32971

Example: Roam Prepaid India and send to 32971

Service Based Information

  • Exceeding Your Credit Limit – Roaming charges are not real time (roaming transactions made/received are not billed instantly) and so customers are able to exceed their credit limits while roaming. Customers are liable to pay for such excess charges, as strict Credit Limit management is limited to National calls only.
  • Voice/SMS - All incoming as well as outgoing voice calls (including calls to Customer care) are chargeable while you are overseas. The call charges vary from operator to operator and are normally charged for a per-minute pulse. The SMS usage is charged for 160 characters per outgoing SMS e.g., if an SMS is of 200 characters then it is charged as two SMS's.
  • GPRS / Data - GPRS/Data usages are charged as per the volume of data sent or received. Charges vary from operator to operator. Please note that your normal (local) access for GPRS and Blackberry are not valid overseas and all GPRS and Blackberry usage while you are overseas will be charged at the visited operator roaming data rate.
  • Blackberry Usage - Receiving and sending mails, BB Chats/Messaging, etc while you are on international roaming, add to roaming data usage and therefore, are charged accordingly. Certain networks charge for PDP (Packet Data Protocol) context, which is necessary for getting connected to the GPRS network and works as an authorization platform. This appears in the bill as charges against 0 Kb usages, which are nonetheless billable.
  • When in One Network Countries  you will need to search for airtel Network Manually by Clicking on Network, Manual Search and choose airtel network to enjoy the one network services.
  • Please visit for more details.

More Tips – Proactive Actions

  • You may want to review/cancel any call diverts that you may have activated as there will be two-way Roaming charging on Voicemail services and on conditional call forwarding while roaming.
  • Certain GPRS based applications viz. GPS, Facebook, Twitter, Widgets, RSS Feeds, Blackberry Messenger or any other instant messaging application etc. continuously consume data bandwidth leading to high Data-Roaming charges even when you are not using the same. This is applicable to smart phones and high-end GPRS capable handsets which poll (communicate with) the home network continuously.
  • We advise you take an informed decision on whether to keep these applications switched-on, while you are overseas as you will be liable for all charges as a result of same. Most smart phones and Blackberry devices allow the users to choose the option to switch data off while roaming.
  • Loss/Theft of SIM card or mobile phone while overseas should be reported to airtel immediately. In case the theft is not reported immediately, all usage till the time of reporting will be payable by you. This can be done by sending an email to and or calling 08021500111/+2348021500111.

Inbound Roaming - When customers from other networks (outside Nigeria) travel to Nigeria and roam on airtel's network using their SIM from their home network.

Outbound Roaming - When airtel customers travel outside Nigeria and roam on other networks using their airtel SIM

Customers should be advised to manually search for network where an automatic search does not occur.

Postpaid Roaming - Allows Postpaid customers to use your mobile number anywhere in the world where airtel has roaming agreements

Prepaid Roaming - Allows prepaid customers make and receive voice call automatically when they go outside the country area covered by their home network.

Postpaid Roaming

How to Activate Postpaid Roaming

  • Confirm if airtel has roaming agreements with a GSM operator in the country or countries you are visiting.
  • Fill an application form obtainable at any airtel shop.
  • Pay the sum of N50, 000 non-refundable roaming deposit and N2, 000 activation fee.
  • Apply for roaming 48 hours before you travel to activate your international roaming service.
  • Check status of your call forwarding to ensure you cancel all call forwards before you travel abroad.

Prepaid Roaming

  • This service is available to all airtel Nigeria prepaid customers. No special provisioning is required as all subscribers are provisioned by default.
  • airtel Nigeria prepaid customers traveling to other countries with prepaid roaming partner agreements only have to switch on their phones to enjoy the service.
  • airtel customers on the prepaid roaming service can recharge airtime using their airtel Nigeria recharge vouchers before they travel or whilst roaming
  • Recharging with airtel voucher can be done by dialing the USSD string followed by the PIN E.g. dial *126*xxxx xxxx xxxx#
  • Prepaid Roaming customers simply dial the number for the airtel Nigeria's account balance checker E.g. dial *123# to view balance
  • Ability to send and receive calls and SMS using the airtel Nigeria SIM on the roaming partner network.
  • Seamless Network service between airtel Nigeria and prepaid roaming partner networks.
  • You keep your cell phone number, your regular number is dialed, no international prefix is required
  • Privacy – your number is dialed with no international prefix, no one need know you are out of the country
  • Customers do not have to worry about purchasing a new SIM card at each international location.
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Convenient and cheap access to the airtel customer when traveling overseas.

The charges for roaming calls have been defined into the roaming charges during negotiating and agreement processes with the roaming partners and these vary with different roaming partners around the world.


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